Next to Normal

I'm normal, but yet not
Not abnormal, so then what?
Am I crazy, or just plain me
How do I know, if it's reality?


Is there something, in my mind
Playing games, for me to find
Am I really, just insane
Or is there something, with my brain?

Can it be, there's something wrong
Have I been holding, on to long?
'Cause when I look, there's someone here
But they keep saying, that no one's there...

How do you know, what's right and not
When you never even, get a shot
To find yourself, in all of this
'Cause all just wait, for you to miss

They all wanna help, but don't know how
Recovery should happen, not then - now
I see myself, twisting-bending - turning
For all their needs, for all the yearning

I need a moment, a time of peace
So I get out, of this stormy breeze
I need to breathe, to sleep, to rest
To get this sorrow, off my chest
Skriven före jag for på pjäsen
Next to Normal
andra gången (med skolan)


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